1. People suffering from an addiction don’t recover without the support of friends and family.

2. Most friends and family don’t intervene because they are afraid of driving the addict away.

3. Nike believes everybody is an athlete. Even addicts and their supporters.

Nike Recover Together Collection:

2 pairs of shoes to help addicts and their supporters recover, together.


Supporters give a pair of shoes to the addict during an intervention as a gesture of love.

Supporters also get a pair of identical shoes to symbolize unity between the supporter and the addict.


Each box has 12 steps each person must take on the road to recovery.

There are 5 colored shoelaces to serve as symbols of landmark sobriety dates. (1 week. 1 month. 3 months, 6 months. 1 year.)

the Nike recover together logo is designed to symbolize the key aspects of recovery.